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Verified testimonials of our customers in the Register of translation companies of the Czech Republic

  1. Bc. Petra Karešová, Office Manager, company producing fertilizers
  2. „Hello, our company cooperated on many projects with the translation company Předkladatelna.cz. We have always been happy with their results. Fast response to demand, good price conditions, fast and quality translation. I definitely recommend for cooperation. Sincerely, Bc. Petra Karešová."

    Evaluated 16.4.2019 from IP: 80.188.49.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  3. Petr Jílek
  4. „The speed of the translation is excellent, as well as in conjunction with quality. Pleasant communication, helpfulness. I have nothing to criticize. Therefore, I use the services repeatedly to translate technical texts. SATISFACTION."

    Evaluated 27.3.2019 from IP: 78.128.158.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  5. Aziz Manas, MBA, Sales manager, Ronex s.r.o. Praha 10
  6. „The company processed the order very well, I am very satisfied.“

    Evaluated 20.2.2019 from IP: 193.86.27.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  7. Roman Neumann, Chairman of the Board, Fuel Invest SE, Praha
  8. „The entire order was delivered to our great satisfaction and with great professionalism.“

    Evaluated 22.1.2019 from IP: 82.113.38.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  9. Michaela Krčková
  10. „Prekladatelna.cz processes our orders in agreed deadlines.“

    Evaluated 14.1.2019 from IP: 94.230.153.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  11. Jaroslava Dlouhá, marketing, Window Holding a.s.
  12. „We use Prekladatelna regularly and in the long term. Translations are professionally well processed, including compliance with the format and all details. We are very happy with the speed of the work delivery and we are also comfortable with the way of communication.“

    Evaluated 26.11.2018 from IP: 80.95.108.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  13. Jana Urbanová, S.A.B.Aerospace s.r.o., Brno
  14. „Very professional approach, fast response to question and active communication from the point of view an impatient customer. Thank you for your services.“

    Evaluated 22.10.2018 from IP: 195.113.243.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  15. Martina, Chic&lovely, Bratislava
  16. „We have been working with the company Prekladatelna for more than two years. Seamless communication. Quality translations delivered on time. I recomend.“

    Evaluated 14.9.2018 from IP: 62.197.243.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  17. Andrea Wijová, Account manager, Ad´ore Marketing Communications, s.r.o., Praha 5
  18. „We use the translation services of Prekladatelna.cz that processes our orders quickly and without any problems, we are satisfied.“

    Evaluated 15.8.2018 from IP: 84.42.144.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  19. Dominika Pöschlová, Marketing, Piccollo s. r. o.
  20. „I have been cooperating with Prekladatelna.cz for more than 4 years. I'm always extremely satisfied with the job. Everything is delivered at a pre-arranged date. I appreciate quick negotiations and professional cooperation. Prekladatelna.cz has my recommendations."

    Evaluated 23.7.2018 from IP: 212.24.157.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  21. Tereza Franková, Marketing specialist , SSI Group, Praha 7
  22. „ I am very satisfied with Prekladatelna.cz. Translations are always deliver precisely processed and, above all, at agreed date. Of course, our terms are very challenging. Very nice and fast communication. I definitely recommend.“

    Evaluated 20.6.2018 from IP: 109.107.208.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  23. Ing. Michaela Kaštierová, Praha 9
  24. „Our company has been using translation services of Prekladatelna.cz for over 3 years and we are extremely happy with both the speed and the quality of the translations. I strongly recommend using this company.“

    Evaluated 15.5.2018 from IP: 81.90.250.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  25. Petra Sýsová, Sales director, ATLANTIK PRODUKT Třešňák s.r.o.
  26. „I am very satisfien with company Prekladatelna.cz. They respond quickly to the request, they have no problem with any translation, and I very much appreciate the fact that the translations are always well delivered at the agreed date. I definitely recommend it because everything works great. “

    Evaluated 23.4.2018 from IP: 185.215.20.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  27. Robert Gála, Wild Technologies
  28. „I have no reservations about the work of the translation company.“

    Evaluated 23.4.2018 from IP: 62.197.236.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  29. Jana Budinská, Hotel Rott, a.s., Praha 1
  30. „The company processed the order very well, I am very satisfied.“

    Evaluated 26.3.2018 from IP: 31.186.187.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  31. Helena Čejková, marketing, Annabis s.r.o
  32. „The company processed the order very well, I am very satisfied.“

    Evaluated 26.2.2018 from IP: 158.194.110.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  33. Tomáš Doležal, LA LINEA s.r.o.
  34. „Our company has been working with Prekladatelna.cz for a long time and their services have always been above standard. Quick and seamless negotiation. I recommend.“

    Evaluated 22.1.2018 from IP: 85.13.68.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  35. Roman Michalička, Business Development Manager, Indra Czech Republic
  36. „Delivery of the translation was delivered exactly by agreement, at agreed dates and in good quality.“

    Evaluated 30.11.2017 from IP: 94.126.240.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  37. Daniela Benešová, Managing Director , VMR CZ, s.r.o.
  38. „We have been cooperating with Prekladatelna.cz for a long time. I can only recommend. If something is not correct for the first time, which is very rare, the agency corrects it in express time. Translations are processed quickly and accurately, including proofreading by native speakers. “

    Evaluated 7.11.2017 from IP: 62.209.196.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  39. Radim Targosz
  40. „We have been cooperating with the company for a long time and we are satisfied with the cooperation. They always try to meet our requirements and we appreciate it. We are looking forward to further cooperation.“

    Evaluated 19.9.2017 from IP: 46.13.83.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  41. Veronika Šturcová, Slavia pojišťovna
  42. „We have been using the services of Prekladatelna.cz for several years. We appreciate the perfect work and friendly communication. Everything is always in the agreed time and according to our ideas. With best regards Veronika Šturcová, marketing Slavia pojišťovna a.s“

    Evaluated 14.9.2017 from IP: 193.85.233.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  43. Pavla Kreslová
  44. „We have been cooperating with the company for half a year and have always been very satisfied. Professional, fast and quality work.“

    Evaluated 12.7.2017 from IP: 185.57.228.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  45. Eldad Nakar, QA Manager, Hisense LTD., Rishon Le Zion
  46. „We had an unexpected project that had to be fulfilled by strict deadline. Despite the rigid timeline and unpredictable requests made by us, we found Překladatelna.cz. very cooperative and willing to assist no matter what. We are very thankful for this and it’s our pleasure to recommend Překladatelna.cz. We will certainly keep in touch and be working together in the future too.“

    Evaluated 10.7.2017 from IP: 109.226.48.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  47. Karolína Junková, Account Executive, Bechannel s.r.o.
  48. „We are very satisfied with company Překladatelna.cz. Seamless communication, always keeping deadlines, and even delivering in advance. We appreciate the effort to meet with express deadlines. We strongly recommend, also considering the quality of translations. “

    Evaluated 16.5.2017 from IP: 31.30.101.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  49. Vojtěch Jestřáb, Head of marketing, MSO Trade a.s.,Hodonín
  50. „We have cooperated with Překladatelna.cz for the long term and satisfaction is at the highest possible level. There is always a clear price, perfect communication and the speed of translation is surprising. Most orders are delivered within two days. Also, response to demand is really fast and their prices are excellent, considering my previous experience. We solve the translations of catalogs and articles to Slovak, as well as translations of manuals from English to Czech. “

    Evaluated 3.5.2017 from IP: 212.4.148.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  51. Baja Maronová
  52. "I was absolutely satisfied with the way of communication, flexibility, speed, meeting the deadline. Professional and very friendly approach. "

    Evaluated 29.3.2017 from IP: 84.245.121.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  53. RNDr. Zdeňka Halaxová, TETRAPAT, Olomouc
  54. „Our company is very satisfied, communication with Překladatelna.cz is fast, negotiations are friendly and translations are always worked out on time and at reasonable prices. Current cooperation will certainly continue.“

    Evaluated 28.2.2017 from IP: 93.153.40.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  55. Tereza Pavlíková, Národní Pokladnice s.r.o, Praha 8, Karlín
  56. „The company processed the order well, I am very satisfied.“

    Evaluated 2.2.2017 from IP: 194.76.246.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  57. Xenie Kaduchová, Svaz Nové odbory
  58. „I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of Prekladatelna, which in record time (forced by our project management) managed in knowledgeable, highly qualified and very willingly way to translate challenging academic text in four languages - Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Bulgarian, I would like to emphasize the friendly and pleasant dealing of Mrs. Ing. Klamo and the whole team. I believe that this case is the beginning of a new and promising cooperation.“

    Evaluated 15.12.2016 from IP: 188.175.34.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  59. Elena Alexy, editorial studio, boomboom, Bratislava
  60. „Excellent, quick and precise work. Additionally there is also linguistic sense for translating more chalanging texts and themes. It is appreciated. “

    Evaluated 19.10.2016 from IP: 78.98.56.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  61. Jan Vrba
  62. „I am very satisfied with the company prekladatelna.cz, from awarding the order to its delivery, everything went very professionally and the communication about the price, payment and delivery date was very clear, exact and understandable. Everything was delivered in agreed time and the level and elaboration is excellent. “

    Evaluated 3.10.2016 from IP: 213.175.45.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  63. Adam Froněk, Head of Graphic Department, HECHT MOTORS s.r.o., Mukařov-Tehovec
  64. „Seamless long-term cooperation in the translation of business texts to more languages, high quality of the translation and friendly deadlines and prices. Also clear process and cooperation rules, friendly and fast communication, and willingness during non-standard situations. We will certainly continue in the cooperation.“

    Evaluated 3.10.2016 from IP: 178.17.11.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  65. Simona Vráblíková
  66. „I am satisfied with the translation and also its price. I can only recommend. Dealing and approach without mistakes. If I need the translation, I will turn to Překladatelna.cz. I recommend. “

    Evaluated 16.8.2016 from IP: 93.153.67.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  67. Kateřina Ulrichová, Film Production K-International s.r.o.
  68. „I am absolutely excited about professional approach and the delivery speed of our order. I recommend. “

    Evaluated 13.7.2016 from IP: 62.24.73.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  69. Bc. Bronislav Markowicz, Managing partner, Bronislavmarketing.cz
  70. „Long-term cooperation with company Prekladatelna.cz has brought to our clients the tens of standard pages precisely translated wordings to different world languages (translation including proofreading). Definitely I recommend and not only thanks to high quality work and speed, but also thanks to very acceptable price.“

    Evaluated 31.5.2016 from IP: 89.102.165.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  71. Tomáš Kozar, Project manager, 4WORKS Solutions s.r.o.
  72. „I regularly request the translations of web pages, always a great deal, quick delivery of quality translation. Never any problem, definitely I recommend!“

    Evaluated 30.5.2016 from IP: 88.86.126.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  73. Dana Rusnak, ISA, s.r.o.
  74. „Company Prekladatelna is very reliable. The staff is helpful, accessible anytime, we've received almost instantaneously answers to questions and demand. The deadlines have been complied with in a timely manner, even in advance. There is maximum satisfaction from our side :)“

    Evaluated 12.4.2016 from IP: 81.89.56.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  75. Matěj Škoda
  76. „Great willingness, excellent speed and translation perfect :) I highly recommend.“

    Evaluated 2.3.2016 from IP: 88.102.73.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  77. Harkot
  78. „Experience with this company is more than positive. I evaluate processing speed, quality, and communication as perfect. I RECOMMEND!“

    Evaluated 28.2.2016 from IP: 185.36.160.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  79. Michal Berza, Managing partner, Troppau impex group s.r.o
  80. „We have to share flawless experience and great cooperation in the area of translations. Express and high quality services, amazing approach, willingness, speed. We would like ONLY TO RECOMMEND and to thank also in this way. We have clear partner for translations – Prekladatelna.cz.“

    Evaluated 15.2.2016 from IP: 213.155.230.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  81. Ondřej Musil
  82. „I would like to thank to the whole team of Prekladatelna.cz for absolutely professional and quality elaboration of my translation. I thank especially to Mr. Ing.Oliver Klamo for the elaboration speed of my order.“

    Evaluated 13.1.2016 from IP: 89.103.95.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  83. Jana Jiráčková
  84. „Excellent cooperation, communicativeness from the side of company and express delivery of the translation.“

    Evaluated 5.1.2016 from IP: 90.177.184.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  85. Olga Kracíková, Praha
  86. I would like to thank to your company for perfect service, extensive translation delivered in express time limit, excellent communication and very reasonable price. I will warmly recommend you.“

    Evaluated 8.11.2015 from IP: 90.178.41.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  87. Filip Kovařík, real estate agent and agency chief RE/MAX VIP, RE/MAX VIP, Říčany
  88. „Good day, I am very satisfied, very flexible approach, everything went well even under time pressure …They helped also in the administration area, they work non-stop – thanks for pleasant cooperation and I look forward to further one.“

    Evaluated 20.10.2015 from IP: 109.81.208.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  89. Iveta Čížková, assistant of the director, Tefco CZ, a.s. divize AQUA, Česká Lípa
  90. „I evaluate the cooperation with company very positively. Quick and seamless order delivery for acceptable price and very good cooperation, both via email and via phone. They have helped me also with non-standard order. I have requested more companies, which are dedicating to translations and this one is the best for the needs of our company.“

    Evaluated 20.10.2015 from IP: 88.102.7.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  91. Vojtech Cech, Managing partner, IP SERVIS s.r.o, Bratislava
  92. „We regularly cooperate with Prekladatelna and we are very satisfied. Translations and proofreading, which are delivered by them, are at excellent level and always delivered on time, which we appreciate a lot. Also express translations are processing without any problem.“

    Evaluated 15.10.2015 from IP: 188.167.248.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  93. A. H., company engaged in media communications
  94. „Seamless and kind communication, quick delivery of translations. Thanks for the cooperation.“

    Evaluated 11.6.2015 from IP: 46.167.196.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  95. L.K., real estate company
  96. „I am very satisfied. Quick and seamless communication and translations are delivered quickly and all right.“

    Evaluated 21.4.2015 from IP: 92.90.26.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  97. Olga Mikešová, Praha 9
  98. „I recommend to choose for the texts translation this agency. Their approach and willingness to changes and additions in given text was exemplary. I was very pleased by very friendly and kind communication. Thanks.“

    Evaluated 31.3.2015 from IP: 37.48.47.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  99. K. K., television producer
  100. „Communication was absolutely excellent, quick and the trasnlations have been completed even before deadline. Any changes from our side were no problem. I can warmly recommend to other those interested. We will certainly use the services of prekladatelna.cz again.“

    Evaluated 9.3.2015 from IP: 80.188.30.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  101. I. P., Office Manager, financial and consulting company, Brno
  102. „speed, accuracy, friendliness = great satisfaction“

    Evaluated 9.3.2015 from IP: 151.237.226.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  103. RNDr. David Cháb, Ph.D., freelancer
  104. „Perfect cooperation. I had a little bit non-standard task related to transport of material and other things, the agreement with Prekladatelna was exemplary, thanks ..:-)“

    Evaluated 7.3.2015 from IP: 77.75.76.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  105. S. A., assistant, manufacturer of water treatment equipments, Rudná u Prahy
  106. „Communication took place very quickly and smoothly. The translation was delivered before deadline. I can only recommend.“

    Evaluated 27.2.2015 from IP: 185.4.200.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  107. T. F.
  108. „Very friendly negotiations, however I needed everything in in a fairly intense deadlines and request sent during a weekend, nothing was a problem. Maximum satisfaction.“

    Evaluated 25.11.2014 from IP: 109.107.208.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  109. J. B., Head of operations, school of cooking, Brno
  110. „Good day, I would like to thank you this way for super servis delievered by Prekladatelna.cz. In hindsight, we ordered 3 translations and we always met with absolute professionalism, incredible humanity in the form of communication and very quick execution of our translations. The last translation we ordered very late, and even then it was almost overnight upheld. This company we can only recommend. Thank you once again!“

    Evaluated 24.11.2014 from IP: 88.101.77.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  111. P. P.
  112. „I needed the urgent translations of contracts to French, everything, from the first negotiation to delivery of contracts (during the weekend and Bank holiday), went excellent, absolutely smoothly, end even after several adjustments of the original text. Everything was processed by return. Definitely I recommend for friendliness, nice dealing, speed, professionalism (text was evaluated by French native speaker) and good prices.“

    Evaluated 20.11.2014 from IP: 80.83.71.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  113. M. S., managing partner, plastic windows vendor, Čistá
  114. „From the communication to the speed and a callback, I was really pleased. Definitely highly recommended.“

    Evaluated 6.11.2014 from IP: 109.81.210.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  115. J. M., owner, export company, České Budějovice
  116. „I needed sworn translation from Hungarian to Czech of the form for sport weapons export. Everything was handled promptly in 24 hours after the order and sent via email. Any special surcharge, agreement directly with the owner. I am fully satisfied.“

    Evaluated 5.11.2014 from IP: 195.70.148.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
  117. R.S., Hradištko
  118. „Very accommodating and pleasant dealing.“

    Evaluated 24.10.2014 from IP: 88.103.66.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)

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